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    Essential Oils

    Below is a list of the most common Essential Oils
    and their healing properties as well as some folklore for some.
    These particular oils would be the "essential seven" to collect when
    first beginning to use aromatherapy.

    Lavender Lavender is one of the best essential oils you could have in your aromatherapy cabinet. It can benefit all inflammations of the skin, palpitations, hypertension, convulsions, muscle spasms and pain related to arthritis, sprains and strains. It's a very good oil to use for headaches, burns and skin wounds. Mental and emotional properties lavender can benefit is anxiety, exhaustion, depression, anger, insomnia, stress and irritability. Folklore says in North Africa, women used Lavender to help against mistreatment from husbands and it was said to calm untamed lions and tigers.
    Tea Tree Tea Tree is a very good antibiotic and antibacterial. Very useful with cuts and abrasions, insect bites and burns. Also very useful with acne, sinusitis, bronchitis, chest colds and as an air purifier. For mental and emotional help it is used in post-shock treatments and nervous exhaustion.
    Geranium Geranium is a a woman's best friend. It can be used to lessen the effects of menopause, heavy menstruation, breast tenderness and swelling and maturing skin. Geranium has a rich green, rose-like scent and just by inhaling it can calm the body and refresh at the same time. It's a very uplifting essential oil and can be used in balancing the emotions and relieve symptoms of depression, PMS and anxiety.
    Peppermint Peppermint is a very stimulating essential oil. Very helpful for bad breath and toothache (herb), but also helpful for painful menstruation, muscle spasms and headaches. Combined with Lavender it is a wonderful treatment used on the temples stressed out with a headache. Also, Peppermint can be a very nice pick-me-up when mental fatigue has set in or nervous stress. Peppermint should never be used at night, however, unless you plan to stay up past your bedtime.
    Lemon Lemon essential oil with it's fresh citrus scent will aid in concentration as well as uplift the spirit. Inhaling the bright scent can be used as a substitute for a cup of coffee in the mornings. It can be useful for fevers, acne, boils, cellulite, obesity and hypertension. Use caution on sensitive, though as it can be very irritating to the skin.
    Eucalyptus Eucalyptus has always been an old favorite essential oil used for colds. It is also useful for asthma, flu, chest and throat infections, chtarrh, viral infections, fever and as an immune stimulant. It can also help clear your mind and increase alertness. A bunch of fresh Eucalyptus leaves in a sick room would be beneficial to aid in the healing process.
    Cedarwood Cedarwood is a very cleansing essential oil. It's a wonderful natual insect repellant as well as an air purifier. Cedarwood is also very beneficial for hair loss, skin infections and dandruff. It's great for focusing in meditation and can be used for nervous tension, fear, stress and anger. Folklore states that Cedarwood was a very powerful and spiritual incense used by precontact American Indian Tribes.

    More Essential Oils and their properties to come soon.

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