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    Essential Oil Warning

    There are some essential oils that are not advised for personal use because
    they can be considered hazardous to your health. Do not use them unless
    you are under supervision of a health care or aromatherapy professional.

    Ajowan Arnica Bitter Almond
    Boldo Leaf Buchu Calamus
    Camphor Caraway Cassia
    Cinnamon Clove Elecampane root
    Horseradish Jaborandi Mugwort
    Mustard Parsley Seed Pennyroyal
    Peru Balsam Rue Sage
    Santolina Sassafras Savin
    Savory Southernwood Tansy
    Thuja Tonka Bean Wintergreen
    Wormseed Wormwood

    Below is a list of phototoxic essential oils. These oils will increase the sunburn
    reaction of skin so they are not recommended for individuals spending large amounts
    of time in the sun or tanning beds or persons with a history of skin cancer.

    Angelica Root All Absolutes/Concretes
    Bergamot Cumin
    Ginger Grapefruit
    Lemon Lemon Verbena
    Lime Mandarin

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