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        Sweet As Roses

        So shall a friendship
        fill each heart
        With perfume sweet as roses are,
        That even though we be apart,
        We'll scent the fragrance
        from afar.

        Georgia McCoy

        This Ladies of the Heart WebRing site is owned by Becky Jackenheimer.

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        Thank you to all of the ladies who have contributed gifts for my Ladies of the Heart page. I had to take them down because I had run out of space and now there is a central gift page to see them.

        A true friend
        warms you with her presence,
        trusts you with her secrets,
        remembers you in her prayers.

        Friendship is a spiritual thing.
        It is independent of matter or
        space or time. That which I love in
        my friend is not that which I see.
        What influences me in my friend
        is not his body, but his spirit.

        John Drummond

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