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        Kathleen Marie Puder is my mother.
        Cancer took her away from us on August 24, 1993.
        I know she is among the angels now and she is watching over me
        and my family and although we all miss her dearly, we know she is no longer
        suffering and our pain is lessened with that knowledge.

        No Questions Asked
        By: Nicole M. Fields (my cousin)
        Dedicated to the memory of Kathleen M. Puder

        You had to go, no questions asked
        I know why, yet don't understand
        I still need you to be here for me
        I feel your presence, yet cannot see
        I want to run to you, hold you near
        No questions asked, free and clear
        You left without saying goodbye
        Many a tear I have left to cry
        I miss you more each and every day
        No one has the answer, or so they say
        You had so many gifts left to give
        I can't comprehend why you don't live
        You live in me, which is not hard to see
        Considering this, you will always be.

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