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This is where I will be listing any updates to my graphics pages from now on.

January 4, 1999
I have decided to go ahead and put some of my graphics back on the web. Very soon my complete webpage sets will be back up for use on personal homepages. The same terms apply so please check out the terms page to know exactly what they are. I hope you enjoy and many new sets will also be coming soon once I'm back up and running.

July 7, 1998
Bad news....had a big "crash" yesterday and had to reformat the whole pc. I lost all my email and everything from the last week or two. So if anyone had signed up on my users page within the last week or two, you'll need to sign up one more time if you'd still like to be listed. Sorry about the inconvenience. Thanks! I'll have a few more sets up in just a few days so stop back.

May 17, 1998
BeckyJ's Lines, Signs 'n' More will now be known as BeckyJ Graphics. BeckyJ Graphics now as an all new look to it. I will be working on laying out the graphics a little nicer so that they are more convenient to find. I've already changed the way the background sets are listed so that you can see a "preview" of each set as a thumbnail. I will be working on getting all the old sets updated as well. Also, I will be starting a BeckyJ Graphics user page where I will list any pages that want a link to show that they use my things (and to also get them more hits). So if you are a new user, feel free to fill out the form (coming soon) and be listed and if you are a returning user, feel free to do the same. Check back regularly for more changes...there are many coming real soon!

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