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2002 Halloween Block Swap

Welcome to the 2002 Halloween Block Swap!


Signup and Deadlines: This swap is run by swap hostess BeckyJ . You will email me to sign up and ask any questions needed. Please sign up before making your swap blocks and send your full Name, Email address, and Mailing address. Once you sign up I will confirm with my snail mail address for you to send the blocks. There are no signup deadlines, but this swap will be sent out on time, so make sure that you get your blocks in by the due date which is September 30, 2002 . Any blocks received after this date may not be included in the swap and be returned to you unswapped.

The swap hostess will swap the blocks and get them back to you within 10 days of the swap due date. Email for any questions or to sign up.

Number of Blocks: There will be nine (9) blocks in this set. You keep one block for yourself and send in eight (8) to be swapped. This will make a nice wallhanging for people who only do one set...three rows of three blocks.

Block Type: Any Halloween block pattern is acceptable. Examples include (but not limited to) witches, pumpkins, jack-o-lanterns, bats, black cats, dracula, skeletons and monsters. Block size will be 6" finished (6 1/2" unfinished). Any construction method may be used. You may paper piece, machine or hand appliqué, or piece your blocks traditionally.Please make sure to check your size before sending your blocks. If you paper piece your blocks, please leave on the paper for stability when others put the blocks together. NO fusible web, no paint. If you appliqué embellishments then please use a satin stitch or a small zigzag to secure all edges. Any blocks that are not well secured or are the wrong size may be returned to you unswapped.

Fabric and Colors: Halloween fabrics or Halloween colors only in this swap. Colors include (but not limited to) black, orange, green and purple. The Swap Hostess reserves the right to send back blocks that are not properly constructed, that are the wrong size, or that do not follow the guidelines in the swap rules. Any questions, please ask .

Packaging: Please pin or machine baste a label to each block you send in. NO STICKY LABELS OR STAPLES ALLOWED! The label must have your email address, your name, and the town, state or country where you live. DO NOT write on the actual block with any type of pen or pencil. You may also include a chat nick if you have one or any other information you wish to share. You must include a self-addressed stamped envelope (postage affixed) large enough to return the blocks. DO NOT USE METERED POSTAGE ON YOUR RETURN ENVELOPE. If you use metered strips on the return, you will be contacted for proper stamp postage and your swap will be held until stamps are provided. Place EACH SET of blocks in a separate plastic zip-lock bag before placing them in a large flexible mailing envelope. (For example: each priority mail envelope can usually contain approximately 6 sets of 10” blocks.) International swappers are welcome...please email me for information.

You can send your blocks to the swap hostess at any time, but please remember to send them in time for swapping as this swap will be swapped on time. It is totally understood that everyone does not sew/quilt on the same swappers keep this in mind...this swap is meant to be fun more than anything. If you have any questions at all please email BeckyJ at .